Congregational Church of Pinehurst (CCP), United Church of Christ is an open-minded spiritual community characterized by a passion for justice, delight in diversity, a love of music and the genuine care we have for each other. We receive with respect and nurture with intention, the gifts of all who come to us.

Rooted in the Christian faith, we nurture thoughtful conversation about spirituality and struggle with who Jesus challenges us to be. We believe there is a way to be Christian, while also deeply honoring the truth in other religions and embracing the insights of science and new knowledge.

We are an active congregation. The Church Council leads by example, providing a dynamic model of shared responsibility for decisions and action.

Sound interesting? Come explore, connect, serve and grow with us.

We Worship each Sunday at 10 AM. Children are welcome and celebrated! Light refreshments and fellowship follow.

Join Us!

Response to Coronavirus

Based on recommendations from the CDC and COVID-19 trends in our community, we are holding all worship and meetings online. Our Church Council and a Re-Opening Task Force are using the Southwest Conference of the UCC’s Phased Plan for Resuming In-Person Gatherings to consider how to re-open.

We offer our Sunday service via Zoom video-conferencing.

We are sending out the meeting information via our E-Blast that goes out Thursday afternoons. If you would like to be added to the E-blast, please contact us via the "Contact Us" form on this website. We will need to verify a connection to our church for you to receive the information, so please let us know if you’re a visitor who is curious, or a scattered pilgrim who is no longer receiving our correspondence.

Sadly, we cannot post the meeting information publicly, because people have been “zoom bombing” open Zoom meetings with obscene images.

CCP Service via Zoom – Tips
We are very happy that we can come together each Sunday via Zoom for service and to see each other. And we are all learning to use Zoom in the process!

To make this a pleasant experience for all, here are a few Zoom tips:

Being Admitted into Zoom

  • You have to be “admitted” into the Zoom service. Our volunteer will try to get you in as soon as possible. If a video is playing, you may be delayed. Please be patient.
  • Our Zoom opens at 9:30am so people can greet each other and settle in before service begins. To be admitted quickly, it is best to arrive before service begins at 10am.

While You’re on Zoom

  • If you enter early to greet each other, please feel free to unmute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon in the lower left hand corner. When the service is starting, please mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon (the microphone icon will now be red with a slash through it). Please be sure to stay on mute during the service to avoid adding background noise to the service which makes it difficult for others to hear.
  • When you enter on time or after the service has started, you should be on mute (the microphone icon will be red with a slash through it). Please be sure to stay on mute during the service to avoid adding background noise to the service which makes it difficult for others to hear.
  • Please only have one device running for the service. If you have more than one computer on the same Zoom or a computer and a phone, it will create noisy feedback. Again, it will make it difficult for others to hear.

Prayer Requests

  • If you have a prayer request, you can:
    • Email it to Sandy, our Admin Asst, by 3pm on Saturday through our Contact Form on the Contact Us page (click on "Contact Form")
    • If you would rather say it during service, type into the Chat box that you have a prayer request and our volunteer will unmute you so you can speak (no need to type in your actual prayer request - only that you want to speak). This way, we don’t have people speaking over each other. Again, please leave yourself on mute until we unmute you.