Children & Youth

Congregational Church Children & Youth

Connecting children and youth with authentic spirituality.

At CCP we’re committed to nurturing the spiritual development of children and youth by equipping them with the tools they need to discover faith-filled answers…for themselves. We are growing our programming to meet each child wherever they are on their faith journey. At CCP, we strive to impart that:

  • An open-minded, progressive approach to scripture and tradition – without indoctrination — can inspire a love of God and growth in the Christian faith.
  • Jesus’s life models compassion, justice, faith and love for us all and serves to guide, inspire and enrich our children’s lives.

We currently offer a nursery staffed by church volunteers, background checked according to our Safe Church Policy. Each Sunday service has a Children’s Time intended to deepen faith with age-appropriate stories and lessons.

Congregational Church Chilldren & Youth
Congregational Church Children & Youth