Sharing one’s resources to strengthen communities in which we live, from local to global, is a core value of Christian faith. The Congregational Church of Pinehurst, UCC is remarkable in its commitment to the Christian discipline of stewardship.

Our members are generous in giving to and through the church. Stewardship serves our own church community, enabling us to engage in spirited worship, music, fellowship, learning and healing. It also allows us to serve others. Church members donate even more to individuals, programs and organizations through special offerings that are independent of the church budget. Donations are greatly appreciated!

Endowment Fund

In October 2015, we established an Endowment Fund to provide a financial foundation to support our mission and values in the years to come. The original bequest was from the estate of one of our church’s founding members. The Endowment funds are managed by The North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF), and gains have come from a combination of investments and several individual contributions. NCCF distributes a portion of its income each year in contributions to local Moore County non-profits, many of which are organizations supported by our church members’ volunteer efforts.

There are several ways a contribution can be made to our Endowment Fund which may provide significant tax benefits:

  • Purchase a life insurance policy naming the Church as the beneficiary. If you are under 70 years of age, all insurance premiums can be tax deductible on a dollar-for-dollar basis every year.
  • Contribute a portion of a stock portfolio.
  • Set up a Charitable Gift Annuity (GCA). Currently, a $50,000 GCA gift at age 80 could give you $3,400 in annual income, plus a $26,000 charitable tax deduction.
  • You can always give cash. The charitable deductions on your taxes may significantly reduce income taxes on minimum distributions from 401K and certain IRA accounts.

If you are interested in contributing to our Church’s Endowment Fund, please contact your financial advisor or estate planner.