Ministries are carried out by members of the church to express or spread their faith by carrying out Christ's mission in the world.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry - The Knit Wits
Pinehurst Congregational knitting ministry was begun here by Dorothy Nutt in 2009. What began as a small group of dedicated knitters, some expert and some not so expert, has grown and changed in composition over the years. The knitters meet in a member’s home and share in the experience of creating a tangible and real expression of community love and concern for those facing difficult times. Work on each shawl is carried out at home at a pace comfortable to the knitter. When a recipient of a shawl is identified, the shawl is blessed during a service and the congregation is invited to touch the garment and join the circle of prayers woven into the yarn.

Congregational Church Prayer Shawl Ministry

Spiritual Care Ministry*
The Spiritual Care Ministry uses the United Church of Christ’s caregiving curriculum, Called to Care. Team members have been trained in the spiritual resources of listening, prayer and scripture reading. When requested, we share the sacrament of Holy Communion for those who cannot worship with us on Sunday mornings. We make home and hospital visits supporting those with chronic illnesses, those who are near end of life and those who are grieving, depressed or lonely. The team meets with the Pastor to coordinate care and discuss topics which are helpful to our work.

*Membership by invitation of Council or Pastor only.

Welcome Team
The welcome team has several responsibilities: greeting and offering nametags to visitors, making follow up calls, notes or emails to visitors, making permanent nametags for those who would like to attend our church on a regular basis and helping the pastor with the Inquirer’s Classes and church membership.

Community Life Team
Our mission is to provide meals and/or transportation for those folks that are in a temporary situation such as recuperative procedures from surgery or physical therapy, etc. We do not have formal meetings; as such, team members are contacted to assist with meal prep, rides to doctor appointments., church, grocery, etc. You may volunteer as little or as often as you are willing and able!